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Topline Commercial Concept V01



and Thank You

for considering us for the production of your latest commercial.

Mainframe is noted for its high end and textural animations in commercials, broadcast, brand films and digital content. 

We have enjoyed working on similar product related films for clients such as Dyson, a selection of which we have featured below.


Our Approach to the brief...

We’re pleased to have come up with a creative route for your project that will provide a similar level of quality and feel as the referenced Dyson project without the huge Malmsbury budget. 

We have distilled the Dyson approach to what we feel are the essential ingredients...

The set up - explaining the problem
The human element - how the issue is a by-product of behaviour in the home
The solution - the Atmos product and a clear explanation of how it works
The pay-off - how this impacts the mood of the antagonist

In addition we usually try to include smart visual tricks or interest to make the commercial more appealing and hold the viewers attention.


The Script

We have used your suggested script as a template. We can work a little more on the flow of the script but in general we felt it explained the product and its benefits in a succinct manner.



"Through energy-saving measures such as insulation and double glazing, we have sealed up our



"So much so that the air indoors can actually be up to 50 times more polluted than the air outdoors!
High humidity from everyday activities such as cooking/bathing/breathing becomes trapped to
create condensation-dampness and mould, which can seriously affect the fabric of our homes and
our health."



"Atmos is a sophisticated whole-home ventilation and condensation-control unit for houses and
flats. It gently ventilates the home to reduce high humidity levels, creating an ideal indoor


"Now you and your home can breathe more easily.
EnviroVent. Bringing the Outdoors In."


We open on locked off shot of a smart looking room. Minimal and modern. There is a window at the back of the room where we can clearly see a picturesque british countryside scene. Particles of dust travelling gently in the air come to a stand still and slowly fall to the ground. 


In a time-lapse style a woman comes in and out of the room performing various tasks. She'll be in a towel after a bath, eating a tv dinner, vacuuming, reading a book etc. We will change the lighting in the room to suggest different times of day and weathers, as well as the elapsing of time.
As this is happening we see condensation form and dissipate on the window and a mould patch appear in the corner of the room. All the time the general environment feels a little more dingy, slightly grey walls etc.


We cut to a product shot alongside an orthographic diagram of a house which has arrows animated around it to show how the air flows.


Cutting back to our room it is back to being bright and white. The woman is curled on the sofa enjoying a drink. The room walls then start to break in a geometric pattern and rise out of the scene leaving the woman on her sofa in the great british countryside. 




Time lapse

Here we have a good example of the time lapse feel we want to achieve with this part of the commercial. As the talent rapidly lives out her life in the room mould will be evenly growing in a corner and we will see condensation on windows. If possible we may looking at adding steam at the edge of frame when the talent is in a towel to enhance the idea of moisture being created.


The diagram

We want to make this stand out a little from the usual orthographic illustration. We like the style of these animations we have found and think that a similar treatment, (in visual style not humour!), will fit in nicely to the rest of the commercial and also has some similarities to animations featured on your site.



We have referenced something we made way back in around 2007, (before HD TV!). We loved your line about bringing the outdoors in and have looked at literally creating a scene where the talent appears on her sofa but the air quality makes it feel she is outside on a beautiful British summers day.


How we will do it

We are currently looking at how best to achieve this with both the best quality and budget efficient approach possible. These include potentially entirely CG rooms with the talent shot on green screen or a location shoot. They both have their pro's and cons, i.e. a location means less time in post but green screen means less time and money on set. The outside space will almost certainly be stock footage or stills photography. Utilising existing product photography keeps the budget on track.

Our team include shoot directors and VFX artists, the whole visual side of the project will be created in house at Mainframe from production to post production and finishing. We will suggest library tracks for the sound bed and enhance the action with spot effects. We also have existing relationships with voice over artists we can suggest. The audio will be mixed by one of our good friends we have collaborated with on many projects.





A Short History

Mainframe is a creative production studio specialising in innovative short form commercials and brand content.  An independent and resourceful studio entering our 20th year, Mainframe’s heritage in motion graphics and broadcast has evolved to include production, direction, creative direction, animation, post-production and visual effects.

Our strengths include creating concepts and solutions to briefs and we like to get involved in the creative process as early as possible. We also find time to create innovative software and have a long standing working relationship with Autodesk developing new tools for their upcoming software releases.

Working directly with brands such as Amazon, Dyson, Mtv, Virgin and Harrods we have created an efficient model allowing the client contact with all levels of production. We have also developed a good working relationship with many of London’s top agencies.

Our London and Manchester studios are home to a full time set of talented directors, animators, vfx artists and motion designers. We currently employ 20 artists over these two sites. The core team is often expanded through a network of exceptional partners we have developed successful relationships with throughout the years.

Mainframe’s directors have between them more than 50 years experience in motion design and vfx along with management experience in broadcast design and branding. Our directors and creatives are regular contributors to industry press and top awards judging panels.



Recent clients include...