We have collated some of the most appropriate CG references that we have created here at Mainframe. Each of these movies not only uses the appropriate aesthetic but also displays, in some way, a playful or dynamic animation application example, whilst none of the animation styles are entirely right they show how we can adapt this aesthetic.



This in house project truly went viral... after its launch our instagram followers leapt from about 500 to around 80,000 in a week and since its launch there have been over 40 million views online and counting...

The film has also had a life beyond the web and we can now probably categorise it as 'art'! It is currently part of an exhibition called ‘The Senses: Design beyond Vision’, at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum and was previously on display at the Pompidou Centre in Paris. 

There has also been some very nice things said about it too. Here's one of our favourites:


BASH is a film produced internally at Mainframe to celebrate the release of the MASH Dynamics node in Maya 2018. The MASH dynamics node is software designed and built at Mainframe and now integrated into Maya, (an industry standard 3D animation and visual effects tool). We set out to create a selection of experimental, dynamic scenes using simple primitive shapes as the base objects. That original concept stood fast but the process itself also resulted in serving a far higher purpose than pretty pictures alone.


Further examples of work we have developed on a similar vibe...